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Eternal Moon Kingdom

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Sailor Mars Bio


Sailor Mars/ Raye Hino

Japanese Version:
Senshi:Sailor Mars 
Name:Hino Rei
Birthday:April 17th
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Blood Type:AB
Favourite Colour:Red, Black,... 
Hobby:Fortune Telling, Singing
FavoriteFood:Fugu, Veg Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Asparagus
Favorite Subject:Anc. Writing
Worst Subject:Social Studies
Has Trouble With:Television
Strong Point:Meditation
Dream:To be a head priestess
Favorite Gemstone:Ruby
English Version
Scout: Sailor Mars
Name: Raye Hino
Birthday: April 17th
Age: 14
Likes: Meditation, Singing
Dislikes: Cowardice
Hobbies: Singing, reading
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Colour: Red
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Subject: Classical Lit.

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